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Seven things to do and not to do to find a job in Thailand.

As a Career-Coach, I help people setting up the best strategy to find a job in Thailand. There are seven useful hints that will help you:

1. Don’t count on the Fortune 500 companies. Unilever, Nestle, and others are the most well-known companies in the World, and get thousands of emails every year from people requesting a job. It’s pretty useless to do so and you mostly will never receive anything else than an automatic reply.


2. Don’t count on recruitment and headhunting companies. They are on a highly competing market, so they will offer their clients only the 5 legged sheep. It means that, except if you are exactly matching the needs of a specific job at a specific time, you will not be called back. Headhunters work the same way, and more: if you are not worth 200,000 THB a month, they won’t even have a look at your resume. Don’t forget that their clients are the companies, not the job-seekers: they will NEVER look for a job for you.



3. Don’t count on job-boards. Published job ads are about 5 to 30% of the total amount of available jobs, which is quite low. You will also have to compete hundreds or thousands of people for a position. My advice is to register on those websites of course, create alerts, but focus more on a targeted search.

4. Don’t count on your foreigner status: nobody’s waiting for you. The trend in Asia nowadays is to hire locals: the younger generation of Thai people speaks English (sometimes better than foreigners) AND THAI (Which 99,9% of the people contacting me don’t), they went to study abroad, and they cost less than what you expect for yourself.

Do not

So, what can you do to work here?


1. Broaden your network in Thailand. This you can start from abroad. Again use Linkedin and Facebook. Talk to people, learn from them, make them knowing positively about you. When you will arrive here, contact them and create opportunities.

2. Build a list of 50 local companies that might be interested in hiring you, and able to do so. That is where you need to strategize your search, and to gather accurate information on the local market. Then, define your communication strategy to approach them, contact them, and create opportunities. It’s a hard work, and that is where people usually fail.

3. Speak a good English, and learn Thai. If you are gifted, you can learn a decent spoken and written Thai in 6 month or one year. Again, this is something you can start from abroad. When you are advanced, enroll a Thai Language school, get a student visa, come for three month, improve your Thai, and use your free time to contact business people and create opportunities.

There is much more to do, but I believe that if you go with that, it will be a good start. To go further, you can reach me out at:

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