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Are you retired? Thinking of retiring soon? Is Thailand a place you’re considering as your retirement destination?

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider the coastal town of Jomtien. Jomtien is connected to and located just south of Pattaya and has many of the amenities and activities that people vacation and move to Pattaya for.

However, it is QUIETER! Jomtien is a more laid-back and placid ‘suburb’ of Pattaya. Pattaya has a long-held reputation as the ‘PARTY’ destination of Thailand. Some retirees enjoy the ‘party’ lifestyle, but most retirees want the bulk of their leisure time to be involved in quieter activities such as relaxing at the beach, walking, jogging, playing golf, playing tennis, checking out new restaurants, etc.

Jomtien and the entire Pattaya area has an abundance of golf courses, tennis courts, gyms, boating and water-related activities, etc., as well as many nearby sight-seeing excursions. It’s difficult to run out of things to do while living in Jomtien.

The retirees who live in Jomtien are only ten or fifteen minutes away from the ‘action’ in Pattaya (if and when they want to indulge), but have the peaceful and quieter area of Jomtien to go home to. Jomtien does have a ‘toned-down’ version of the famed Pattaya ‘nightlife’, so it’s not even necessary to travel the ten or fifteen minutes to Pattaya if and when you’re in the ‘party’ mood.

Another reason you may want to consider retiring to Jomtien is its proximity to Bangkok, the capital and largest city in Thailand. Bangkok is approximately 150 kilometers (about 95 miles) from Jomtien. Even if you’re not a fan of being in a crowded big city with lots of traffic, you may want to visit Bangkok occasionally for sightseeing or business related matters. There are inexpensive buses and mini-vans from Jomtien and Pattaya to Bangkok as well as reasonably priced taxi services.

Jomtien, like many of the resort areas of Thailand, has a diverse foreign retiree population. In Jomtien, you will come across people from many countries throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia and various other countries around the world. Because of this diverse foreign population, there are many restaurants that serve foods that cater to people of different nationalities and cultures.

Jomtien, being next to Pattaya, also enables retirees to be close to quality international hospitals where the treatment is widely considered to be excellent and much more affordable than many other places in the world.

OK, the weather! You may already know that the weather in most of Thailand, including Jomtien, is hot and humid most of the year! You may be an exception, but most retirees don’t want to be wearing heavy coats and boots and shoveling snow in their retirement years, so chalk this up as a big plus.

So, if you like being close to a beach, have an abundance of sports and activities to participate in, want to have access to fun nightlife when you’re in the mood, have lots of cuisine choices from around the world, have nearby quality affordable healthcare, enjoy meeting people from all over the world, and live in a warm (OK, HOT and HUMID) climate, then consider Jomtien, Thailand!

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